Bulgarian & Romanian students working in the UK

Tuesday 09-10-2012 - 14:38

Since the start of the accession process for Bulgaria and Romania to enter the EU as full members, a number of countries have implemented restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens rights to work within the EU. Here in the UK, both Bulgarians and Romanians are required in most instances to complete a “BR1” form to access their right to work within the UK. Currently these restrictions are due to be removed at the end of 2013.

 The BR1 registration form covers both ‘normal’ part time work (up to 20 hours per week in term time for students) and also volunteering we understand – if you do not have a registration certificate confirming your right to work, you cannot legally take employment or volunteer with the UK. The only current exception is self-employment – where there is no specific requirement that a registration certificate must be obtained before taking up employment.

 The Guild’s ARC and Jobzone understand that currently waiting times for the processing of BR1 forms have reached 9 months. We would advise all students who need to submit the BR1 form that they should look to organise an in-person appointment at UKBA’s public enquiry office in Croydon – to ensure that the matter is dealt with in an acceptable time frame.

 More detailed advice is contained within our Advice Direct on Bulgarian & Romanian Students Working - http://www.guildofstudents.com/main-menu/help-advice/arc/advice-direct/employment

 The advisors can also provide more specific advice and guidance regarding the forms during our weekday drop-in sessions.

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