Carnival RAG win bid to host 2013 RAG Conference

Friday 21-09-2012 - 11:42

Carnival RAG has won its bid to host the 2013 RAG (Raising & Giving) Conference at the University of Birmingham next year.

Following months of hard work and preparation, including various meetings with the Guild and University, Carnival had just two minutes to make its bid at this year’s conference held in Loughborough last Wednesday 12th September.

Bidding against five other RAGs (York, London School of Economics, Aberdeen, Southampton, and Liverpool John Moores) your Vice President (Activities & Development) Ollie Cosentino, Carnival’s Chair James Kendrick, and various members of the committee took to the stage to read out Birmingham’s bid and secured the win with an impressive 23 votes, a massive 18 more votes than any of the other RAGs secured.

The conference is a chance for RAGs across the country to come together to share best practice and have fun, and will take place across the many great conferencing locations at Birmingham, including the Great Hall and Vale.

Further details on how you can volunteer to run the event will come soon. For more information on Carnival RAG click here.

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