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Come To The TUC Demo - “A Future that Works”

Tuesday 16-10-2012 - 09:46

Come to the TUC Demonstration on 20th October 

The TUC (Trades Union Congress) is leading a march against funding cuts and the privatisation initiatives being made by the Government to public services. The Guild will join the TUC for the march on Saturday 20th October, and assemble in Hyde Park between 11am and 1:30pm for a rally.

Want to join us?

You can buy a ticket from the Guild’s ticket website Click here or from the Student Development counter in the Guild. The first 50 tickets sold will cost £5, so get in quick! Please print off your receipt and exchange for a ticket on the day.

Why should you come?

The funding cuts and privatisation initiatives being made by the Government to public services are going to affect students indirectly. It’s important that we stand together with workers to ensure we have good quality public services. The National Union of Students (NUS) is supporting this demonstration. Moreover, the changes being made to the education sector are going to affect students and prospective students directly. Here are just a few reasons you should join us on the march:

  • The Government has created a loophole which means they could change the conditions on student loans at any time and without an act of parliament. This means that the threshold at which you have to start paying back your loans may be decreased from £21,000 (or £15,000 depending on what year you started university) to any level they choose (£15,000? £10,000? £5,000? What will it be?). It may also mean they can increase the interest rates on your loans, and they may also withdraw all loans entirely. This can also apply retrospectively, which means that YOUR LOANS CAN BE AFFECTED!
  • The Government have restricted the amount of non-AAB students that universities can take by 8% every year. This will means the Russell Group will become more restrictive and exclusive to those who were lucky enough to have gone to a high quality secondary school. It will also mean that less prestigious universities will be put under tremendous financial strain – some may close down entirely, while others may have to compromise their quality of education.
  • The Governments funding cuts to Higher Education will encourage universities to make funding cuts to courses. This has meant, and could mean, that students might have less contact hours, bigger class sizes, and restrictions of choice (modules may be restricted and courses will be closed entirely), among other things.
  • The Government raised the cap on undergraduate fees to £9000. This can mean that those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are less able to access university, particularly if they want to study non-vocational courses. It also goes against the purpose of education as a social good to benefit the public at large, and treats it like something which should be a privilege of the elite, rather than the right of everyone.

These are just some of the reasons why you should join us on the TUC march. To find out more visit

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