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Thursday 25-10-2012 - 10:20

The University of Birmingham Guild of Students is advising all students to consider the implications before contacting ‘confession’ type Facebook pages, such as ‘University of Birmingham Confessions’ and ‘Birmingham Uni Confessions’. These pages encourage Birmingham students to send in so-called ‘confessions’ which are then posted to the site; whilst the posts are anonymous they are displayed openly and publicly.

A number of similar Facebook pages have sprung up targeting other universities across the UK, note a number of the early confessions on these pages are identical to those posted on other confessions pages and so their legitimacy could be called into question.

The Birmingham Tab has just launched and so the Guild warns students that by sending in confessions to these Facebook pages there is a risk of these appearing in a printed paper. The Tab has already launched in a few different cities, Birmingham is just the latest. According to the Tab’s Facebook page it aims to produce content of a tabloid nature about Birmingham students by Birmingham students.

The Guild has also been made aware of the offensive nature of some of the posts and would like to remind students who have been affected by the issues raised on the pages that a number of support services are available at the Guild, such as the ARC (Advice & Representation Centre). Students should be aware that there is also an option to anonymously report posts directly to Facebook by clicking on the "Report" link located under the material.

Support for students affected by this Facebook page is also available from the University, at https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/as/studentservices/index.aspx

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