Have you dealt with your Council Tax?

Friday 05-10-2012 - 09:08

If you are a full time student (whether an undergraduate, postgraduate taught or a postgraduate researcher at any point in your course) you should be exempt from having to pay council tax. For many local authorities you will need to provide them with evidence of your student status or complete a form – however for those students that fall within the remit of Birmingham City Council please follow the agreed telephone process below.

How do I claim council tax exemption?

Birmingham City Council now has a system in place whereby students from the University of Birmingham simply call up to apply for council tax exemption.

The University sends an electronic data file to Birmingham City Council every week, which contains the details of all full-time students currently studying here. This is how the Council will verify the details you provide over the phone. You do not need to send an official letter as the Council gets the proof of student status from the data file that is sent to them. You just need to call them so that they know to check the list. However, it is essential that you call the Council to apply for your exemption. This is what prompts the Council to check the data file and apply the council tax discount. Failure to do this will result in you receiving a bill for council tax.

It is also very important that you keep your term-time address up-to-date on the my.bham student portal so that the information sent to the council is correct.  This should be done whenever you change your address.

You can call their Contact Centre on 0121 303 1113 ensuring that you have the following details to hand:

-The full address of your property

-The full name of each housemate

-The student ID numbers of all the students at the property

-Course start and end dates for each student, and whether this is full or part time study

The Council will check the details you provide against the list that the University sends them before applying any discounts to your household.

For more information on Council Tax take a look at our Advice Direct on Council Tax - http://www.guildofstudents.com/main-menu/help-advice/arc/advice-direct/housing, and if you have any queries or problems get in contact with the ARC Advisors.

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