How Employable Are You?

Friday 05-10-2012 - 07:49

Next Wednesday (10th October) is the Autumn Student Jobs & Volunteering Fair. Starting in the Deb Hall, Guild, at 11am until 3pm, this is your chance to get help and advice now to improve your future employability.

You’ll be able to get the low down on internships – what they involve, when you can do them, where to find them, and how you can fund them.  Meet employers recruiting for part-time jobs and vacation work and find volunteering opportunities in all sorts of sectors - from media to environment and more.

Advisers from Careers Network, including the International Students Careers Adviser will also be on hand to offer advice, as well as staff from the PSA (Personal Skills Award) and find out how you can gain the award through employment, work experience, volunteering, student group activity, or sport.

Lastly, if you’re thinking about working as self-employed, or setting up your own business, talk to Entrepreneurship and Innovation staff and get advice from the HMRC.

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