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Your Sabbatical Officer Team

Poppy Wilkinson (President)
Wadim Wesolek Vice President (Activities and Development)
Bethan Dovey Vice President (Democracy, Resources and Sustainability)
Joe Armer Vice President (Education)
Jack Mably Vice President (Housing and Community)
Molly Browne Vice President (Sport and Nutrition)
Frankie Greenwell Vice President (Welfare)

Your Officer Team consists of seven full-time Sabbatical and twelve part-time Non-Sabbatical Officers. Each Officer is elected by you each year, and they each have their own email.

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Mocktail & Casino Night

Mon 22 September 2014 19:30-22:00

The Hub, the Vale

Place your bets whilst watching the Mocktail Maker & Shaker do their thing behind their very own Mocktail Bar. Free Mocktails are provided. Residents welcome from all accomodation sites.

This is a free, non-ticketed event; you can just turn up!