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Your Sabbatical Officer Team

Poppy Wilkinson (President)
Wadim Wesolek Vice President (Activities and Development)
Bethan Dovey Vice President (Democracy, Resources and Sustainability)
Joe Armer Vice President (Education)
Jack Mably Vice President (Housing and Community)
Molly Browne Vice President (Sport and Nutrition)
Frankie Greenwell Vice President (Welfare)

Your Officer Team consists of seven full-time Sabbatical and twelve part-time Non-Sabbatical Officers. Each Officer is elected by you each year, and they each have their own email.

Click here to find out more information about the Sabbatical and Non-Sabbatical Officer Team.

Volunteering Home

Volunteers are really important to the Guild and without them we would not be able to support our members in the way that we do. There are lots of different ways that you can volunteer in the Guild, the University and the local community.There truly is something for everyone!
Information for committee members about running their volunteer group is available here.

Volunteering Opportunites

If you're interested in volunteering this summer or want to get a head start on volunteering in the autumn then come along to the Summer Jobs and Volunteering Fair on the 11th June. As well as being able to meet people from a range of external volunteering organisations, you will also be able to join some of the Guild's community volunteering groups ahead of the start of the year rush!
The nominations for the Birmingham Volunteer Awards are in. This year we have received 30 nominations, which is the most we’ve ever had! Click here to view the nominees.