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Moving to University and meeting your new flatmates for the first can be an extremely exciting time and over the year you can forge lifelong friendships.

However, living with people who you do not yet know may lead to issues due to certain personality or lifestyle differences. Most of the time these issues will be easily resolved between you and your flatmates and you will not need any help from other parties.

If you do feel that you can’t resolve an issue on your own then the Student Mentor Scheme is here to advise you, support you and provide you with your options, one of those being mediation.


So what is mediation and how can it help?

  • Mediation is a method of resolving an issue or dispute in which an impartial third party (Student Mentor) helps you and your flatmates to come to a mutual agreement.
  • Mediation can help to resolve flat disputes, improve communication, help to restore relationships and prevent future conflicts.
  • It provides a safe space in which individuals can express concerns, address issues and most importantly look to the future.
  • Addressing issues early on can prevent them escalating. It is important that you are happy living in your flat and can call it home.

If you would like to talk to a Student Mentor about the possibility of mediation at any point during the academic year them please Click here to contact us