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The 24 Hour Library - A (Sort Of) Disaster Averted!

I’m sure everyone has seen our fantastic new library now, and if you’ve not been in it yet, what have you been doing?

I wanted to give you a heads up that there’s been a little bit of a slow handover from the contractors who built the building, due mainly to the heavy rain and flooding we saw in June / July time, and there are a couple of things left to finish in the new building. As the University and Library Services wanted to make sure the library was open for the start of term, there are a few things that still need to be brought up to standard and rather than closing the building, the library will be closing overnight to have this work done.

Here at the Guild (and in Library Services too), we’d all hoped the library would be 24/7 from the day it opened. This is now not the case and the new library will not be open 24/7 for another month. This means that the proposed date for going 24/7 is now the 24th October.

Whilst this is not a crucial time in term for lots of new starters - or even for many returners -  there are students who are finishing theses and even researching dissertations who do like working into the night. Following meetings with Library Services yesterday, I have been able to make sure that there is a study space open on campus that is 24/7!

From Wednesday night, the Learning Centre will be open 24/7 every day and night apart from Saturdays where they will close at 1am and reopen at 9am on Sunday morning.

If you’re studying at the Learning Centre, you can collect books from the library until 10pm when it closes and there are learning spaces with plenty of computers, water coolers and vending machines. Please do take care, though - it’s very early in the term to be studying into the night. Whilst I appreciate some people do like working through the night, you also need to rest, exercise and socialise too!

Any questions, ask me on:

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