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Updates to the Meningitis Vaccination!


Now that welcome week is over - and my healthcare leaflet was popped into a whopping 7,000 Freshers' Bags! - it’s time for an update on meningitis and septicaemia.

New (and now all) students are considered to be particularly at risk of contracting meningitis and septicaemia due to the nature of University. Spending time with lots of new people (which is great!) can put you at risk of coming into contact with the virus and not eating as many vegetables as you may have done at home, as well as things like not sleeping as much, can cause you to have a slightly compromised immune system.

Up until last week only certain people (such as first years) were eligible for the vaccination but now all students aged 18-25 are now eligible to receive the vaccination free of charge at their GP.

If you’ve not had the vaccination yet- you can find out if you have by calling up your GP - then you really should go along and get it. It really won’t take very long at all and it could be vital protection one day.

Make sure you check out the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia, so that you know what to look out for – for yourself, for your friends and for your housemates:

Image shows common meningitis and septicaemia symptons next to emoticons. Symptons are: Fever, cold hands and feet, drowsy, difficult to wake, severe muscle pain, severe headache, dislike bright lights, vomiting, confusion and irritability, pale, blotchy skin, spots / rash, stuff neck, convulsions and seizures.





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