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NUS National Conference Report

So, here it finally is… the spreadsheet of a lifetime! Sorry it took so long; getting this together wasn’t an easy job.


On this spreadsheet, you can see how each of your elected delegates voted on motions that were discussed and voted on at NUS National Conference.

If there is something in particular you were interested in and it’s not on this spreadsheet, then it probably didn’t get discussed. In each zone, there is a certain amount of time and when the time ends, motions can be deferred to National Executive Council (the group of people who are elected at conference to be a mini-conference, if you like, throughout the year). At this conference, none of the motions were passed onto NEC and therefore dissolved.

If you want to ask anything about why I (or your delegates) voted in a certain way then please email me at president@guild.bham.ac.uk and I’ll be happy to explain.

I can only speak for myself in this blog, but I do believe that every decision I made at conference was in the interest of students on our campus. From saving student support services, to free periods and a national mental health framework, every vote I cast was with you in mind.

Sometimes it can be frustrating that the NUS seemingly doesn’t work for students on the ground / on campuses but it is the job of officers like me to ensure that it does and speak up or act when it doesn’t. Each delegate taking their role seriously at conference is key to ensuring that the work NUS does for the year ahead is relevant to students. As lead delegate of Birmingham, I was pleased and proud to see that every delegate turned up, listened and paid attention to conference. Whilst we did not all vote in the same way, I think that’s a good thing. The diverse range of voices, opinions and experiences we have on our own campus is reflected in the voting record of our delegates and I believe that should always be the case. 

National Officer Elections

National Officer voting is done by secret ballot and therefore we did not have the data of who voted how for the spreadsheet. You may contact your delegates (through me please, don’t bombard them on Facebook) to ask how they voted if you wish.

As your President, I am more than happy to publish my voting record to you and be held to account or scrutiny on this...

  • President – Shakira Martin
  • VP Union Development – Matt Grange
  • VP Society and Citizenship – Robbie Young
  • VP Welfare – Izzy Lenga
  • VP Education – Amatey Doku

I am also pleased to say that the following people were successfully elected:

  • President – Shakira Martin
  • VP Union Development – Ali Milani
  • VP Society and Citizenship – Robbie Young
  • VP Welfare – Izzy Lenga (Mazel Tov to Izzy, one of our own Birmingham Students for winning this election)
  • VP Education – Amatey Doku

Whilst Matt Grange did not win his election, I am very much looking forward to working with Ali Milani as VP UD in the next year. I do believe that with this officer team steering NUS, it can be a relevant and powerful force for change.

I had a great time at conference and I would recommend anyone at all with any interest running for a delegate position next year. If you want to talk to me about it at any time, just drop me a message or an email.

You can read more about NUS conference in this Redbrick article here


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