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Fire Safety in University Buildings and Accommodation

Following the horrific Grenfell Tower fire in June this year, I talked to the University about their fire safety procedures and building quality. I am pleased to reassure you all that the University took their responsibility for student and staff safety very seriously and looked at all of their buildings with fire safety in mind.

Although they are reviewing all of their buildings as a precaution, the University prioritised a review of Chamberlain and Muirhead towers as they are the tallest buildings on campus. Chamberlain, the tower block residency on the Vale, was deemed to be safe as it was built in line with all fire regulations. Each flat will hold any fire that breaks out for at least 30 minutes and there was an initial extra investment into a £500,000 sprinkler system when the building was built. Following a refurbishment in 2005, Muirhead tower was also deemed to be safe and cladding on the building is non-flammable. In addition to this, none of the Universities buildings are cladded in the material that has caused debate in the media.

All buildings on campus will be reviewed in the near future, but there is no immediate risk in either educational buildings or residential areas.

The university’s approach to Fire Safety is set out in its fire safety policy which is regularly reviewed by the Fire Strategy Group.


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