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Study Space Update


Study Space Update

During our elections your Education Officer, Adam, and I both promised you that if you elected us, we’d work to increase and improve study space on campus! Since we were elected (or re-elected) we’ve worked hard and lobbied the University to do just that.

So far, we’ve managed to get the University to set up a Study Space Working Group which looks at the number of spaces on and usage of spaces on campus as well as what needs to be improved for you. This group has already worked on the following improvements and there’s plenty more to come:


New Spaces

After pulling forward the redevelopment of ‘The Loft’ last year and ensuring that you got that much, much sooner than was planned, we have been following the development of both the Education Building and the Harding Library very closely. By attending meetings regarding these developments we have been able to ensure that there will be spaces you can eat and drink whilst studying (promised by me in my manifesto - Ellie) as well as silent / quiet spaces so you can concentrate. We want to help you study - however works best for you!


More Seats and Wasted Space

We have campaigned for the library to order additional furniture so that we can make better use of the space and get more spaces to work in. They will temporarily remove some of the informal /comfy seating to be replaced with more traditional ‘study’ seating. This should be in place in January!

They have also rearranged furniture based on how seats are being used so that the seating better reflects the activity taking place and will keep doing this to make sure there’s no wasted space and that space works for you!


Live Availability

Check out the live space availability page - http://uoblivestudy.space/ – which shows in real time how busy each study space is weekdays, between 10am-4pm. The Study Space Working Group is now working on more sustainable and accurate, real-time way of counting, which is currently being developed.  



An updated study spaces map is available online and paper copies have been distributed. This will be regularly updated as new spaces come online, but if there’s a study space that you use that isn’t on the map, please let us know!


Promoting Study Spaces

The group is holding pop up promotions which will hopefully help you to know what study spaces are available. Study spaces are also being rebranded so that it is clearer which rooms are available for you to study in. There’ll be clear signs to say when a room is available for study.


Space Hogging

The library will be continuing to manage ‘space hogging’ like they did during exam season by moving items to a secure place if they have been left. This is to stop people just leaving their stuff and disappearing off for a while and was successful last year!


PC Availability

You can also now find out which computers are available in advance of your trip to campus. Check out the University’s new PC availability page for live updates on the free computers in spaces across the Edgbaston and Selly Oak campuses: https://www.pcavailability.bham.ac.uk/

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