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Elections Job Share Update

Elections Job Share Update

In my manifesto I promised you that you’d be able to Job Share a Part-Time Officer role to make it a more manageable opportunity. I’m so pleased to be able to say  now you’ll be able to do just that! It’s a trial for this round of elections and if things go smoothly then I hope it will become a permanent option.

Key Info:

  • This is only an option for part-time roles
  • If you run as a pair, you remain as a pair (i.e. if you’re elected and one of you drops out halfway through the year, you both have to as you were elected together)
  • During elections, if you get a complaint, you both are responsible for each other’s actions
  • For liberation positions, you are both expected to identify into the relevant liberation group
  • Also for liberation positions, if you’re successfully elected, you must choose one of the pair to be the official co-chair of the association

I hope this opens the opportunity of part-time roles to many more people who might not have had the time or capacity to go it alone!

Please see further election regulations here and drop me a message if you have any questions. Thinking of running? Nominations are now open.


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