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Bringing you better campus Wi-Fi

Bringing you better campus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the kind of thing that people only talk about when it isn’t working, and as there has been quite a lot of talk about it in the last few years, that’s a bad sign.

For that reason, we’ve been lobbying the University for a number of years to review and improve your Wi-Fi services.  We are now able to say that after trialling a new provider, the University is mid-way through a massive overhaul and improvement of the Wi-Fi across the whole of campus.

Given that people have a number of connected devices on them these days, the old system would just fall over, so we are the in process of moving to a new system that should be better at dealing with the amount of people in a small area.

This work started last year, with the Learning Centre and Computer Science used as guinea pigs. Both had good feedback, so the next test was the Main Library, which has the most people in the smallest area, and survey done towards the beginning of the academic year had 98% satisfaction. And if it works in the library, it should work in other places.

The list of buildings completed so far is:

  • Elms Road Computer Centre
  • Murray Learning Centre
  • Computer Science
  • Main Library
  • 31 Pritchatts Road
  • Ashley Building
  • Strathcona
  • Oaks Day Nursery
  • Parks House Annex
  • Harding Building
  • Alan Walters Building
  • Student Hub – Aston Webb C Block
  • Poynting Building
  • 52 Pritchatts Road

Of course, any new buildings opening will also be put on this new system.

There are a total of 90 buildings to do, so it will take a while for them all to be done, but the busiest buildings are being prioritised. Also, lots of work will be undertaken out of term time and during exam periods (in buildings without teaching or exams).

We’d be really interested in your feedback on the new system. If you have any, please email wirelessmanagement@lists.bham.ac.uk or send us some feedback that we can pass on. If you do have any issues, remember to log them with IT Services.


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