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Never have I ever...

Never have I ever...

  • Never have I ever kicked a toilet door down at Fab.

  • Never have I ever smashed a window in the Guild.

  • Never have I ever broken into a locker room and destroyed groups’ equipment.

  • Never have I ever damaged a fire door putting people's lives at risk.

  • Never have I ever broken a shutter on a bar meaning that student groups lost access to a room whilst it was being repaired.

  • Never have I ever thought it would be funny to pull a hand dryer off the wall.

To everyone who thinks it’s funny or ‘banter’ to vandalise the Guild at Fab, Sports Night, or even just day to day, last year we spent a total of £13,000 on vandalism repairs – whilst just last term that was already up to £9,000. This Guild belongs to us all. That’s your money that we could’ve spent on you. That's money we could’ve spent on student groups, money that we could have spent improving your student experience or money we could have spent providing students with mental health and wellbeing advice.

So, if you’d be drinking to any of these 'never have I evers' then please consider the long term effects of such reckless behaviour. To the vast majority of people who come along and enjoy Guild events without vandalising the building – A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!

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