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More Than a Degree

More Than a Degree - It’s never too late to give it a go!

For many lucky individuals, they’ll be studying for a degree with a clear vision as to where it will take them in their life and chosen career. Others, like me, didn’t necessarily have an idea where their degree would take them.

When I first came to University, I quickly realised the course wasn’t going to be the biggest part of my University experience and I jumped head-first into some amazing student societies. Being active in these groups led on to my interest in run to become the Activities and Development Officer – a position I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting were it not for the skills and confidence built through student groups. As a result, I would definitely consider my extra-curricular activities to have been the best and most rewarding part of my time at University.

There are so many things you can get involved with at University: from student groups to part-time work, volunteering to student mentoring. All of these activities can have a profound effect on your life and may well influence what you plan to do after University. Get involved with events taking place this week and see that University life is so much more than a degree – it’s never too late to give it a go!


Events taking place this week:

Refreshers Fair – Monday 15th January (Underground)

Give it a Go Fair – Tuesday 16th January (Great Hall)

Student Jobs and Volunteering Fair – Wednesday 17th January (Debating Hall)

Big Fat Student Mentor Scheme Quiz of the Year - Tuesday 16th December

Games Night, Student Mentor Scheme - Wednesday 17th December

Global Café – Wednesday 17th January

Volunteering Mixer – Thursday 18th January

Film Night, Student Mentor Scheme - Thursday 18th December




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