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Hi there!

My name is Tobi and I have just been elected as your Guild President for the next year. This is really exciting for me as I get to continue my work representing students at the University and ensuring that you have a wonderful student experience, as promised by the University and the Guild - your Students’ Union.

Here are some quick facts about me: I studied French Language for my undergraduate degree, therefore Je parle français. I then studied International Relations and Diplomacy for my masters, so I speak a bit of politics as well. I have two sisters, I don’t like beans, I love music, I am a big foodie, I really want to travel the world someday, I laugh a lot because YOLO and positive vibes, and I also love colours, but if I were to pick a favorite it would be white (used to be blue). Finally, I love meeting new people and I try to be drama free.

Now when it comes to my plans for the year, I intend to focus on three major themes: inclusion and diversity, sustainability and support. With these themes, I hope to work with the University on ensuring that welfare services are inclusive and diverse, in order to allow students from BAME backgrounds to access them easily and comfortably.

I will also be lobbying the University on sustainability issues, to ensure that our University is making sustainable choices that not only positively affect the environment, but ultimately our future.

And to crown it all, I will be leading your Students’ Union and continuing to ensure that you get the support you need at any point in time. I want you to feel part of our vibrant community, irrespective of your background or the world that we now live in.

Throughout the year, I will be giving you updates on what I’m working on and I would love to have a chat with you about the things that matter to you and what change you would like to see. Your feedback is really important, so if you have any questions or any ideas that can help us grow as a student body, please feel free to email me or message me on social media - I will be more than happy to have a chat!

I believe that together we can make positive change, not just for you at this moment, but also for those to come. I wish you all the best and look forward to a great year ahead!

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