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It's LGBTQ+ History Month!

Hi Everyone,

LGBTQ+ History Month is finally here!

Image which says 'LGBTQ+ History Month'We’d love for you to get involved with the variety of the things we have planned at the Guild this month. All of our events and activities revolve around the following themes:

  • Self-Expression: Being yourself with no apologies, and feeling comfortable and safe to do so.
  • Body Positivity: Being proud and accepting of what our individual bodies are, especially if they fall outside the binary.
  • Personal Growth: How we can grow personally through our consumption of literature and listening to others, developing oneself.
  • Politics: This is the official theme of LGBTQ+ History Month nationally this year. It’s important to remember where we come from, and the kind of positive political impacts we can make.
  • Most importantly, Pride!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for any events we have planned, we’re kicking off this month with our Poetry and Book reviews, so make sure you’re following the Guild and the Full-Time Officer Team on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok!

Something you’ll definitely want to attend will be Danielle Murinas (our own Postgraduate Officer’s) Queering Academia Seminar, on 15th February from 5pm in the Harvey Milk room at the Guild. Save the date! ??

Aaliyah x

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