Charlotte Says

Hello UoB students!

I’m Charlotte, your Welfare and Community Officer here at the Guild.

I’ve just graduated from Birmingham, having studied English Literature and Drama with a year abroad in Lyon, France, which I loved! From Tennis Courts, to Selly Oak, to a small apartment in Lyon - I’ve had a range of living experiences over the past four years. Each one has brought with it different challenges but also fantastic rewards!

Although I didn’t imagine I’d be starting this role in such strange circumstances, I am thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead. I can’t wait to meet lots of you in September and listen to your ideas, concerns and future plans – but first, I’ll tell you a bit about mine.

No doubt this year will be challenging for a lot of us, as we navigate a new normal in the coming months. That’s why it’s more important than ever that students feel supported around the clock, and able to access the welfare provisions at the University. Whether they’re being accessed remotely or face to face, I want to make sure that support is accessible and inclusive for everybody at the University of Birmingham.

As a part of my desire to make the University and its surroundings safer, I would like to make the Not On campaign as far-reaching as possible, as I believe that tackling sexual harassment starts with education and awareness. Being aware that harassment can take many different forms, I also want to provide tools for students to build their racial awareness in order to encourage a community that champions equality and diversity. In the unfortunate event that a student is subject to any form of harassment, I want to ensure that they feel equipped, empowered and supported when dealing with this.

As promised in my manifesto, at some point in the year I would also like to start discussions with the University about installing a sleeping pod somewhere on campus! I still believe this would be a great addition to the University, but am aware that this may not be a current priority.

Most importantly, I’m here to represent you as a student body, so get in touch if you want to discuss my priorities further! I’m here to help you get the most out of University life and have a healthy, happy time whilst studying at UoB.

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