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What’s Your Self-Love Language?


We can often fall into the trap of associating self-care and wellbeing with hours of meditation and difficult yoga positions, and whilst it works for some, it doesn’t work for us all. There are a multitude of ways that you can practice self-care and finding your fit is really important.

At a period in time when big events are being cancelled and holidays are almost impossible to book, it’s even more important to look forward to and appreciate the little things. This could mean buying your favourite pudding as a mid-week treat, stopping for a cup of tea in the afternoon with your housemate, or treating yourself to a lie-in if you’ve got a morning off. All of these things are valid ways to treat yourself, and they sometimes give you that little boost you need to get through the week.Picture of a person in a blue shirt reading a newspaper

In the same way our bodies need nourishing with healthy food and drink, our minds need nourishing with healthy relationships and social interaction. Staying connected with friends and family is crucial during the pandemic – especially when it might feel easy to stay confined in your room for the next few months watching Netflix and scrolling Twitter. If you’re tired of Zoom, speaking via phone is still an option and can feel less daunting. You could even combine it with your daily walk, allowing you to chat privately and simultaneously increase your serotonin levels triggered by exercise.

Although self-care can mean engaging yourself socially, sometimes it can mean taking time for yourself and doing some solitary activities. You might want to remove yourself from your busy shared living environment and read your book for the evening or listen to some music alone. Living with friends can be exciting and fun, but there’s nothing wrong with escaping to your room once in a while to take a break and relax on your own.

When learning any language, you need to dedicate periods of time to apply it and improve, and the same goes when you’re practicing the language of self-love. Carve it into your day and make it habitual. You’re never too busy to stop and take a moment or a minute – however that might look for you.

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