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Top Five Ways to Meet your Postgraduate Community

Hi Postgrads,

Image of Postgraduate Officer, Danielle.I’m Danielle your Postgraduate Officer. I’m here to ensure you have the best possible time at Birmingham, and one way of doing this is by showing you the many ways that you can find your Postgraduate community and make connections.

Starting a degree can be intimidating, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to find and engage with other Postgraduates. So I’ve complied a comprehensive guide to meeting your Postgraduate Community at the University of Birmingham.


Attending Welcome Events

Welcome is a wonderful opportunity to integrate into the Postgraduate community here at Birmingham. During the first weeks of the year, there will be various events across campus, designed to provide opportunities for new students to get involved with the University of Birmingham student community. The Guild of Students is hosting a Postgraduate Networking Mixer during Welcome Week and the University Graduate School are hosting some Postgraduate Specific events which will provide a brilliant opportunity to network and meet other Postgraduate students.


Go to College and School Inductions

Many colleges and schools across the University will be hosting specific Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research inductions, to introduce students to what is on offer at the University of Birmingham. Whether it is a smaller induction for your school, or a cross-college event, these provide a wonderful opportunity to not only become familiar with the University, but also with your Postgraduate cohort. Though they may be online, you will still get to connect with likeminded people who will soon become familiar faces.


Join a student group

The Guild of Students is home to over 500 student groups, including media groups, liberation associations and subject specific societies. These groups are entirely student-run and provide perfect opportunities for students to engage with each other in a non-academic setting. Made up of both Undergraduates and Postgraduates, joining a student group is a great way to integrate into the wider student community. When I started my Masters I joined Redbrick, the student newspaper here at the University, and I absolutely loved it. It was a great way to meet other students, and enhance my writing skills!


Keep up to date on events

Postgraduate events do not stop after Welcome ends. The Guild’s doors are always open to postgraduates, and we’ll be hosting further postgraduate specific events, providing more opportunities to meet likeminded people. Alongside the Guild, the Graduate School is also dedicated to building our Postgraduate community. Home to the Westmere Scholars; a team of current students who host events for Postgraduates, they organise everything from informative monthly series to wellbeing activities. Information about these events can be found on the Guild of Students’ and the Graduate School’s website.


Engage With Your Officers and Student Reps

The Guild is a democratic institution, with seven full-time and seven part-time Officers. The Officers (like me) have all been elected by the student body, and are here to engage with university staff to ensure you have the best experience throughout your time at Birmingham. Working with the Officers are Student Reps, who communicate student concerns and issues. The Student Rep Scheme is a brilliant opportunity to not only engage with other Postgraduate Reps but also contribute to real change at the Guild and the University.


These are just a few examples of ways that you can engage with your Postgraduate community. If ever you have any further ideas for events or have any questions, please do get in touch with me.


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