Chaos Quiz pt. 2 Electric Boogaloo

Friday 18 November 2022

7pm - 10pm

Nuffield Building - Rooms G17, G18, G19 and G22 [R9 on Campus Map]


Our chaos quiz is unlike any other run at Sobers. We’ll be testing skills which you didn’t even know you needed in a fun and chaotic environment. Embark on this journey with us and test your might against the glorious 'Chaos Team' (Alex and Sam will be running a chaos quiz, created alongside Caitlin, who unfortunately can't be present) and may the best team win!

Prepare for fun and wacky rounds and prepare your best team names! It's the same time, same place as games nights, so Nuffield G17 7:00 till 10:00pm! To those who prefer games, don't worry, as there will be a small selection available for the smaller Nuffield rooms

We look forward to having you!