UoB Panto Soc presents 'Cinderella'

Thursday 15 February 2018

7pm - 10pm

Underground, Guild of Students

Panto Soc presents it's first ever show, Cinderella! An all singing, all dancing pantomime, full of laughter and mishaps (and a bit of audience interaction on the side!)

Cinderella, the daughter of a Baron, is treated like a servant girl by her wicked step mother and her evil step sisters. But, she has her best friend Buttons to keep her company when times are tough (and her fairy godmother to keep an eye on her!) One day however, there is a proclamation that there is to be a royal ball, with all the maidens of the land being invited. Except, Cinderella's step mother and step sisters are determined not to let her go and meet the Prince! Will Cinderella ever go to the ball?

UoB Panto Soc presents Cinderella by Bradford and Webster. This amateur production is by arrangement with NODA Limited