Hamlet the Panto (MONDAY)

Monday 25 February 2019

7pm - 10pm

Underground, Guild of Students

UoB Panto Soc are delighted to invite you to our Spring Production of 'Hamlet the Panto'!

Our story begins at the castle gates, where guards claim to have spotted the ghost of old King Hamlet! Meanwhile, Hamlet is very distressed that his mother Gertrude has just married his uncle Claudius, who wouldn't be distressed right? 
But when the Ghost tells Hamlet the real horror that has occurred within Elsinore, Hamlet is given a new task... a revenge task! Will Hamlet be able to fulfil his duty, will the court ever find out the truth, will a good ol' sing song sort it all out? Who knows?! You'll have to come along and find out for yourselves!




General -£7



Ghost - Holly Watson
Hamlet - Amelia Simpson
Horatio - Caitlin Steele
Claudius -Martha Allen-Smith
Gertrude - Patrick Hannawin 
Ophelia - Katie Payne
Lea - Holly Brownbridge
Polonius - Victoria Rodriguez 
Rosencrantz - Jack Grainge 
Guildenstern - Freya Carroll
Fortinbras - Heath Homer
Bernardo - Joy Strassen
Francisco - Carmel Smith
Player - Chloe Wiltshire



Emily Harle - Writer/ Director

Gabriel Hawking -Assistant Director

Harriet Waller - Choreographer

Matt Tyler - Fight Choreographer

Oliver Hawley, Seren Thomas, Ellen Malpas- Co-Musical Directors

Matti Henderson, Luwen Solomon - Co-Stage Managers 

Gaby Horwood, Molly Schiller - Co-Producer

Maya Masoliver - Costume