The Mikado: In Concert

Thursday 07 December 2017

7pm - 8:30pm

Amos Room, Guild of Students

The University of Birmingham Gilbert and Sullivan Society present 'The Mikado: In Concert' - a semi-staged production of Gilbert and Sullivan's timeless operetta!  Full to the brim with ridiculous plot twists and catchy tunes, this is not an event to be missed!


SYNOPSIS: Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado (the Japanese emperor), has fled in disguise to avoid marrying a much older suitor, and to find and marry his own beloved, the beautiful Yum-Yum. Yum-Yum, however, is the ward of Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, and has become betrothed to him against her will. In the meantime, Ko-Ko finds his job difficult to carry out as the Mikado puts pressure on him to fulfill his quota of killings, but the executioner realizes he is too soft-hearted to kill anyone.

His solution is to trade a month of marriage to Yum-Yum for Nanki-Poo’s life (though he only pretends to kill him), but, of course, the plan backfires as Ko-Ko finds himself subject to capital punishment for allegedly killing the Mikado’s son. Add to this the shock arrival of the older suitor to whom Nanki-Poo is supposed to be betrothed, and a tangled web of drama unravels, but everyone lives happily ever after (of course!). This complex satire is characterised by the clever wordplay, memorable tunes, and endearing characters that have allowed Gilbert and Sullivan’s popularity with audiences to endure for well over a century.


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