Virtual Discussion: Feminism

Friday 02 October 2020

6pm - 8pm

Zoom (link to be released on the event page nearer the time)

This event will include speeches from a number of students from UoB on various topics within feminism and feminist philosophy. There will of course be the chance to discuss these interesting topics afterwards!

The speakers are:

Aaminah (she/her) will be speaking on child marriage, what it is, how it is harmful and its prevalence in the UK and US 

Maggie (they/them) will be speaking on abolition 

And Alicia (she/her-they/them) will be speaking on why heteronormativity is both a feminist and a queer issue.

*content warning* - the speakers will give a content warning before they start but please be aware these speeches will mention sensitive topics including; sexual violence and child exploitation 

Here is the Zoom link...we will start letting people in at 18:00, make sure you are muted!

Please remember to change your name on Zoom to include your pronouns and read over the safer space policy ??

Topic: Virtual Discussion: Feminism
Time: Oct 2, 2020 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 815 3611 7579


Safer Space Policy

This event is inclusive for all and we hope as many of you can join as possible. More details to follow on the topics which will be discussed and a zoom link will be posted on this event page nearer the time. Please be aware, due to Zoom restrictions the capacity for this event will be capped at 100 people! So arrive promptly to guarantee a spot!

Please take the time to read our safer space policy:

When we come together in these spaces we acknowledge we are not doing so in a vacuum. Everyone here comes from different experiences; the oppression and exploitation that some of us face, others of us will benefit from. We expect each other to be aware of our privilege(s) and how they affect others. Investigate your behaviour - ask yourself what has influenced your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings and the harm intended or not that they cause. If your actions cause harm and this is raised with you should listen and reflect. It is easy to get defensive and try to absolve yourself of responsibility, but this is not how we apologize nor is it how we learn and grow.

These oppressions include but are not limited to racism, anti-blackness, ableism, classism, poverty, misogyny, whorephobia, displacement, transphobia, transmisogyny, homophobia, islamophobia and antisemitism. Many of us are constantly experiencing more than one form of oppressions. While others of us benefit from them. This can be exhausting & painful to sit with.

Our spaces should always recognize these power dynamics and challenge them. The responsibility to challenge these power dynamics should not fall to oppressed folks, nor should they be left till after harm has occurred. Rather those who occupy seats of privilege are expected to do preemptive internal and inter-community work putting their learning into action, redistributing resources, stepping aside, making space for and listening to the voices of others.

While we make every effort to ensure that people in the group are here in good faith, Zoom as a platform places a limitation on these efforts. Therefore, we ask members of this group and call keep from revealing sensitive information that they would not otherwise share online

If you see a post or comment shared in here that alarms you, please use the “Report to Admin” option in, or alternatively send a PM to the WANBA page or one of the zoom hosts

In the event of zoom bombing we will close this call as soon as possible and have committee members available to support anyone who has been caused distress by the incident,

When posting potentially upsetting comments, please use content warnings and leave a few lines blank. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the members of the group and to give people an option to skip a post that may upset or harm them.

Please do not assume to know anyone’s race, gender, national identity, disability status, sexual orientation or any other component of their identity.

The key elements of our safer spaces policy is

Respect—Give undivided attention to the person who has the floor (permission to speak)

Confidentiality—What we share in this group will remain in this group.

Openness—We will be as open and honest as possible without disclosing others' (family, neighbors, or friends) personal or private issues. It is okay to discuss situations, but we won't use names or other ID. For example, we won't say, "My older brother …" Instead we will say, "I know someone who …"

Right to pass—It is always okay to pass (meaning "I'd rather not" or "I don't want to answer").

Nonjudgmental approach—We can disagree with another person's point of view without putting that person down. Hard on ideas and soft on people - compassionate call outs.

Taking care to claim our opinions—We will speak our opinions using the first person and avoid using 'you'. For example, " I think that kindness is important." Not, " You are just mean."

Sensitivity to diversity—We will remember that people in the group may differ in cultural, race, class, etc backgrounds and that these intersect. This impacts how we express sexual orientation, and/or gender identity or gender expression and will be careful about making insensitive or careless remarks.

Anonymity—It is okay to ask any question by using the suggestion box.

Acceptance—It is okay to feel uncomfortable; adults feel uncomfortable, too, when they talk about sensitive and personal topics, such as sexuality.

Have a good time—It is okay to have a good time. Creating a safe space is about coming together as a community, being mutually supportive, and enjoying each other's qualities.


Any questions please message PhilSoc, we look forward to seeing you all there! Here is the link to our Facebook event page -

(Artwork by Laura Callaghan)

PhilSoc and the Women and Non-binary Association