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Camp Counsellors (CCUSA) [GUI1049CCUSA/AD]

Listed by CCUSA


Application deadline: Fri 16 Mar 2018
Visit - www.footprints.ccusa.com to apply For CV or covering letter workshops at the University of Birmingham Guild of Students, please email: skills@guild.bham.ac.uk


See description for wage information


A summer position for a set time period agreed by you and your camp.


We are CCUSA, a company that offers the chance for university students to spend a summer in America working at a summer camp. We send thousands of students to the USA each summer to have a fantastic time and earn money whilst doing it. We offer a 9 week placement to work with children aged 6-16 years old in a variety of roles ranging from sport to arts and everything in between. Some Skill is needed, but the most important aspect needed to teach an activity is passion and enthusiasm about said role. The role includes elements of pastoral care where the children that live in your cabin are yours and a team of other counsellors to take care of, underneath the support of leadership staffmembers. They get 30 days after their contract ends to travel where they want to in America, this whole experience majorly boosts their C.V, employability and is a fantastic life experience that will only benefit them throughout their time at university and afterwards.

Pay for a first time camp counselor  differs depending on age, skillset, and flight booking options (whether we book your flights, or you organise your own):

CCUSA flight option

  • 18yo  -  $700.00
  • 19-20yo  -  $850.00
  • 21+yo    - $1,000.00

CCUSA flight option - advanced skill

  • 18yo  - $800.00
  • 19-20yo - $950.00
  • 21+yo  - $1,100.00

Own flight option

  • 18yo - $1,285.00
  • 19-20yo -  $1,550.00
  • 21+yo - $1,645.00

own flight option - advanced skill

  • 18yo  - $1,385.00
  • 19-20yo  -  $1,650.00
  • 21+yo   -  $1,745.00


For information on the Personal Skills Award visit: https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/as/employability/psa/index.aspx

For information on getting your CV checked by a professional advisor, please email: skills@guild.bham.ac.uk

Childcare, Sport USA Summer Vacation

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