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Self-Care tips when looking for a part time job

You’ll spend hours scrolling through jobs boards and completing application forms… refreshing your emails for that ‘Invitation to Interview’… waiting on that phone call to see whether or not you got the job… Looking for a job can be quite a stressful experience. However if you want to ensure there are no mistakes in your application and perform well in the interview the best thing you can do is look ‘look after number one’ and stay calm and relaxed during your job hunt.

As part of Self-Care Week we want to share our top tips on how your job search can remain a stress-free experience.

Make Notes

When applying for jobs, it’s easy to forget what version of your CV you sent to different employers. Don’t get caught out when an employer calls you for an interview by not knowing which job it is. Write down a list that contains: the job role you have applied for, the company name, the date you applied and a few details about the job. This way you can easily keep track of your applications and can tick off as and when you hear back from the employers.

Take Breaks

It can be so easy to make job hunting all you think about, and this may impact on your academic studies. Just like revision season, take breaks from job hunting – watch a film or read a book to zone out of thinking about jobs.

Eat Well

Nourishing your mind will help you to concentrate, so make sure you cook yourself a big healthy meal and enjoy it before job searching and filling out application forms. Snacks also help! You can find a list of cheap and healthy meals here

Get out and about

Staring at the laptop screen job hunting and writing assignments can mean you are stuck indoors a lot. Grab your coat and go for a walk to get some fresh air and light exercise. There are some fantastic places to take a stroll near to the University – and all free!

  • The Vale
  • Cannon Hill Park
  • Lickey Hills Country Park

Talk about it

Tell your friends, family and support network about the jobs you are applying for. They may think of experience which you have forgotten about and this may add value to your application. You could also ask them to perform a practice interview with you or read over your application form.

Get Support

If you want professional advice and support then use the services available to you at University. The Guild hold weekly CV check sessions and employability workshops, details of which can be found here: https://www.guildofstudents.com/jsv/skills/workshopsevents/


Whatever you do to relax, make sure you take time out to focus on nothing but yourself. Whether it’s reading, watching TV, exercising, taking a bath, backing, gaming or just chatting with friends it’s important to schedule in a bit of ‘me-time’ each day!


Like anything, planning makes job searching that bit less stressful, plan time to search for jobs and if you see a job you want to apply for, plan some time before the deadline to read the job description and complete an application form.

Be Prepared

So, you finally get the call inviting you for an interview! YAY! Make sure you are prepared for the interview:

  • Re-read your application form/CV
  • Have a look at the organisations website/social media pages so you can gather information to refer to in your interviews
  • Make sure you know where the interview is and how you’re going to get there
  • Most importantly – have a restful night the night before

So, that’s it! Our top tips for making sure that you put self-care above getting stressed about job hunting.

This week 13th – 17th November, there will be lots of activity for self-care week in the Guild, so make sure you put some time aside for yourself and get involved.

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