Officer Elections

Applications Close In:


Embrace the biggest student election in Birmingham. The entire student body can elect their next Guild Officer Team. This is your chance to make it happen.

1. Could you lead? 8th – 14th January

This is your chance to decide whether you’ve got what it takes to step up and fight for the best for Birmingham students. Think you’ve got what it takes? Tell us you’re interested here.

2. Candidates step up. 15th – 26th January

Elections nominations officially opens and anyone ready to step up throws their name into the ring.

3. Candidate Training. 11th January – 19th February

All candidates will be provided with a comprehensive training programme to make sure they have all the tools to run an effective campaign. Not all of these sessions are compulsory, but attendance is recommended.

These sessions are:

  • Manifesto Writing – Thursday 11th January – Guild Council Chamber (6-8pm)
  • Election Regulations – Thursday 1st February – Guild Council Chamber (6-8pm) – This session is compulsory
  • Media Day – Saturday 3rd February
  • How to Win/Social Media - Thursday 8th February – Guild Council Chamber (6-8pm)
  • Public Speaking/Networking – Monday 19th February – Amos Room – (6-8pm)

Full details can be found in the Elections Guide, which can be found here

4. Time to vote. 26th February – 2nd March

Pipe up and give your candidates a piece of your mind. Want them to campaign for more space in the library, cheaper rents or better food on campus? It’s time to join in and see which candidates speak up for your views and wants – before you cast that all important ballot.

Got more questions? Visit our FAQs for more information on elections.

5. Results Announced – 3rd March

Results will formally be announced on Saturday 3rd March, from 7.30pm in DebHall. The full ceremony will be streamed live online, and will be published online in full the following week.

Elections Documents

In order to run as a candidate in a Guild of Students Election, candidates must adhere to the Guild’s Election Regulations and Bye Law 8 (Elections). The Law, Institution and Union rules also all count and become election rules, including the Guild’s Zero Tolerance Policy and Bullying & Harassment Policy.

All Guild elections are overseen by the Guild’s Returning Officer who is responsible for ensuring that every election is free fair and open. The Guild’s Returning Officer is the University’s Registrar and Secretary who deputises their role to an NUS Returning Officer. You can find all the important documents and policies you will need to run as a candidate below:

Election Guide:

Please make sure you download the correct guide for the position you want to nominate yourself for.

Please click here to download the Officer Elections Guide

Election Regulations

All candidates must read these regulations and ensure their supporters & campaign teams are also made aware of these rules. It is the candidate’s responsibility to be aware of these rules – ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Therefore you should contact Student Voice on if you are unclear or need further assistance on any of the regulations at any time.

Please click here to download the Guild of Students’ Election Regulations.

Guild of Students Byelaws

Please refer to Bye Law 8 with regards to Elections and Bye Law 7 with regards to Officers of the Guild.

Please click here to download the Guild of Students’ Byelaws.

Complaint Form

A student or candidate wishing to submit an election complaint must do so by using the Guild of Students Election Complaint Form. This must be sent by email to

All complaints must be substantiated with evidence in support of their complaint where possible.

Please click here to download the Complaint Form.

List of Freely Available Items

These are items that you can use without having to make a claim on your budget. All other items you wish to use must come out of your allocated budget.

Please click here to download the List of Freely Available Items.

Additional Support for Disabled Candidates

Please click here to download the Guild’s Policy on Additional Support for Disabled Candidates.