All Student Vote Update

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As you may be aware, the Guild held an All Student Vote on Thursday 26th May - Monday 30th May, for UoB students and researchers to vote on ideas, policy and Beliefs & Commitments that were allocated from the All Student Meeting on 18th May. 

As you may also be aware, some of these items reached quorum and passed, and some items did not reach quorum (and therefore lapsed).

Please find below some important information regarding these:

Items That Reached Quorum

For items that reached quorum, we have contacted the relevant students/idea & policy submitters to let them know about next steps, and how their items will be actioned.

View all of the items that reached quorum.

An updated version of the Beliefs & Commitments is also being collated, and will be available soon.

All Student Vote graphicItems That Didn’t Reach Quorum - Resubmitting Items

Items that didn’t reach quorum, including ideas, policies and Beliefs & Commitments, can be re-submitted to the democratic system for consideration again. We would recommend that UoB students and researchers re-submit any of these items if you would like to. We have dropped emails to the relevant idea/policy submitters, and students who we certain Beliefs & Commitments might affect.

View all relevant ideas and policies, as well as the Beliefs & Commitments.

You can send in ideas via our submission form.

If you would like to re-submit, we suggest that you re-submit in September (2022), as there will be no decision-making committee meetings or All Student Meetings in the summer. 

If you’re not a UoB student next academic year, you can still send in your item for us to consider, and you can re-submit it before September, but they will still not be considered until the first decision making committees in the 2022/23 academic year.

Once your item has been submitted, it will be allocated via the usual Sorting Process to a decision-making committee meeting, or to the All Student Meeting.

The first decision-making committee meetings will take place in November 2022, after Autumn Elections in October (2022). The first All Student Meeting will take place at the start of December 2022. 


For any questions about any of the above, please contact Student Voice.

If you feel that your wellbeing has been impacted by any of the above, you can contact Guild Advice for free, impartial and confidential support.


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