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Become a Student Rep... Become a Student Rep...

Want to stand up for your fellow students and make real improvements to your course and academic experience? This is your last chance to apply to be a College or Senate Rep with positions available for both Undergraduates and Postgraduate Research students.

What does being a Rep involve?

College Reps attend College level meetings and represent students at the highest level. On average they go to three meeting per term, but this varies depending on the College.

Ayla Norman, one of the College Reps this year, said “Being a College Rep has allowed me to represent the voices of students in a way that I have not been able to before. I have been able to make real lasting change, not just for the students of my own School but for all the students within the College.”

Senate Reps represent students at senior University level meetings and have 4 meetings per year. These meetings are highly confidential and Reps will have a say in some key University level decisions.

This is your chance to be able to have a say and influence decisions at the highest levels within the University of Birmingham. All new Reps will get role specific training for these roles and you will be offered a briefing at the Guild before each meeting. Guild Officers also attend the meetings that you will be invited to so don't worry, you'll never be on your own! 

APPLY NOW - Deadline: 12pm Friday 10th May.

If you interested in finding out more about roles, please email


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