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Bhangra Soc Performing at the Bhangra ShowdownThis week, Bhangra Soc gave the world a first-hand insight into the exciting world of competition Bhangra dancing.

A behind-the-scenes BBC documentary aired this week revealing the pain, sweat and tears it takes to be a top Bhangra dancer. In the run up to the Bhangra Showdown, held this year in Birmingham, Bhangra Soc were filmed for three months as they perfected their gruelling routines.

We caught up with dance leader, choreographer and Finance student Ajaypal Flora to find out how this all came about...

Why is Bhangra so special to you? 

"Bhangra always appealed to me as it is a fun and charismatic dance. With weekly classes at Bhangra Society, where people from beginners to experts attend and feel welcome, the society drew me in! The society is part of the biggest student run event, The Bhangra Showdown, where the team is given the chance to perform in front of 4000 people at venues including Hammersmith Apollo, Genting arena and Arena Birmingham." 

How did this year's competition squad come together?

"Last year we didn’t have a competing team and dropped out due to numerous injuries. The auditions held this year comprised of more freshers than ever before, proudly giving beginners the chance to join the competition to perform." 

How did the BBC get involved? 

"The society received an email regarding the opportunity for the BBC to film some classes. We agreed thinking it was just for a promotion on different cultures. However when we met the crew, they were very intrigued and wanted to film the whole process from the beginning to the competition date. At first it was surreal having cameras present during dance rehearsal, but by the end it felt as if the BBC crew were apart of our bhangra family."

What's next for Bhangra Soc?

"Bhangra society is a well known and youthful society, with many great ideas and plans for their members. With multiple socials and rehearsals, you are always welcome and easily feel apart of the family. The team is new and very hungry so the sky is the limit for them!"

You can catch up with 'Bhangra or Bust' now on BBC iPlayer.

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