Bike Safety

Safety isn’t just about you whilst you’re out and about riding…but keeping your bike safe too!

Your bike’s safety

There were a number of bike thefts on campus or accommodation sites during the last academic year. This can be easily prevented. If you lock your bike with a D-Lock in an allocated area, then you will significantly reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen. If your bike is not locked in an allocated area, then security have the authority to remove your bike.

You can purchase a D-Lock from the following places:

  • Security reception (number 24 on the site map) for £17
  • Urban Cycles at University Centre for £22.50 with a life time guarantee/key replacement and a 4ft cable extension.

You can also hire a bike (including a D-Lock) for a term or the academic year, from UoB Transport, in partnership with Urban Cycles. Please contact for more details.

Your safety

  • Protect your head – wear a helmet
  • Stay visible – use lights!
  • Look, signal, look again – use hand signals to let drivers know where you’re going
  • Stay alert
  • Go with the flow – cycle in the direction of the traffic
  • Act like a car – don’t weave in and out of traffic
  • Don’t get distracted – don’t listen to music or talk on your phone
  • Obey all traffic laws and lights
  • Assure bicycle readiness
  • Do a quick bicycle test – check your brakes and wheels

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