Officer Statement: Brexit and Proroguing of Parliament

As a student representative body we are proud defenders of the rights and opportunities afforded to students.

We are fearful that the proroguing of parliament* will stand as an affront to democracy and the possibility of a No Deal Brexit threatens the rights and opportunities that our student community enjoys. We are concerned that a No Deal Brexit will have significant repercussions for students by disrupting international student mobility, Erasmus+ projects and participants, Horizon 2020 funded research as well as posing a real threat to peace in Northern Ireland.

We also know that the relentless uncertainty this issue is creating is already causing real distress for students here in Birmingham. We commit to keeping you informed as the picture develops and will try to explain what any changes may mean for students.

This is not a political statement and we understand that students hold differing views on the issue of Britain’s exit from the European union. However, as an Officer Team, we are concerned that a No Deal Brexit poses a legitimate threat to Birmingham students and we feel duty bound to speak up.

If you feel strongly about this issue we strongly encourage you to contact your local MP, put your name to any petitions you believe in and register to vote. There is a strong possibility of an imminent  general election and we want students to have a big say when the time comes. You can register to vote at either your home or term-time address at:

Guild Officer Team 2019/20

*an enforced suspension of parliamentary business





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