Common Mistakes Freshers Make

Graphic which says 'Common mistakes that Freshers make'

Beginning university can be daunting. You may get caught up in the excitement of Welcome Week and realise there’s actually a lot to get your head around, but don’t worry- we’re here to give you some advice to avoid some of the common pitfalls. Let's go!

Graphic outlining our Welcome Wristband eventsNot getting your Welcome Wristband

Want the best start to uni life? Make sure you check out our OFFICIAL Welcome Wristband, where you can get access to our SUPER 6 club nights for just £30. Alonside this, we have a fantastic array of events for you to enjoy, so make sure you sign up and prepare to make lots of new friends.

Not signing up to any societies

This is a great way to meet new people with the same interests as you and make new friends. There is a society for pretty much anything! Love cups of tea? Join the Tea society. Enjoy baking? Check out BakeSoc!

Make sure you attend our Societies Fair to see what societies are available. Don’t forget to check out our MedSoc Fair and Give it a Go Fair too!

Not registering with a local Doctor or General Practitioner (GP)

Fresher’s flu can happen - so it's good to be able to access healthcare should you need it. Save your future self by getting this little task sorted early on, it only takes a few moments to register with a GP.

Leaving the kitchen dirty

No one wants to live in a messy and dirty communal area! Respect your other flatmates and make sure to clear up after yourself. A great way of staying on top of this is by creating a cleaning rota. Your Student Mentors will be running flat meetings with you during Welcome to help you create a 'shared living agreement', this will help you to divide tasks and agree on how you will live together.

Image of suitcasesBringing everything to Uni

You only have limited storage in your accommodation room so make sure you create a packing list so you only bring the essentials. See if your accommodation has a virtual tour and what storage you will likely have in your room i.e. under your bed. Not sure what to bring? Check out your Student Mentors' packing tips.

Not budgeting

You don’t want to spend all of your student loan in Welcome Week, so plan your weekly or monthly budgets to make sure you have enough money to feed yourself, but to also have a good time while you're here! If you need any further advice, check out our Student Communicator, Lauren's blog on managing money and reach out to our Student Mentors for extra tips. The Mentors are current students who have been in your position and are there to support you while you're in halls.

Not registering to vote at new address

It's so important to exercise your right to vote, so to do this you'll need to ensure you register for your term time address. As a student, you can normally register in two places - at your home and at your university address.

Image of the Mermaid Fountain in the sunNot following us on social media

The best way to keep up to date with what events are happening and the amazing student opportunities on offer, is by following us on social media. We're on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, so make sure you check us out!

Rushing into second year housing

There are plenty of houses in Selly Oak, Harborne and the surrounding areas, so don't feel like you need to rush into finding and signing for your second year home. Make sure you settle into University first and take time to find friends you’ll be comfortable living with. Keep checking your Guild's social media over the coming weeks and months for more advice on this.

Worrying about community living

Thinking about your housing for next year and worried about contracts? Guild Advice and Community Living do contract checks or you. But you don’t need to worry about that just now.


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