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Freshers: Don't get caught out!

We’re already starting to receive enquiries from prospective Birmingham students and their parents about lots of different “Birmingham Freshers” groups and events on Facebook, which are already advertising what they claim to be the “biggest moving in events” and “official” Freshers events for UoB students.

We wanted to let you know that these groups and events are NOT official – in fact, they aren’t anything to do with the Guild of Students or the University of Birmingham. Sadly, we experience problems with this situation every year, as external promoters pretend that the events they're running are part of the official Freshers’ Fest programme, and students are duped into parting with cash for events they often don't end up going to! Many members of these groups are paid reps who aren’t past, current or future Birmingham students, while the groups themselves are often used as data-gathering exercises.

Second, they’re not here to help. We’ve got your back at the Guild. If you’ve got a question, a worry, or a comment, we’re here for you. We can point you in the right direction, offer advice from our Advice Centre, and campaign on the issues that are important to you. These other groups haven’t got your interests at heart – we have.

You can find our official group for incoming University of Birmingham students here. This group is looked after by Guild of Students staff and elected officers, and is the best place to meet actual Birmingham students.

This is also the place where we’ll post all the details of our official Freshers’ Fest programme – with tickets on sale on A-Level Results day via

So, don’t accept any substitutes for Birmingham Freshers 2017, yeah? We look forward to meeting you in September!

Your Students’ Union.


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