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On Thursday 12th March, the Guild Policy Development Group met again to discuss and vote on the great ideas that YOU submitted to “Your Ideas”!

We altogether had an amazing 12 ideas, the decisions for which are listed below:

Approved Ideas

  • Blankets in the Teaching and Learning Building
  • Increase the Amount of Secure Cycle Parking at the University of Birmingham

Rejected Ideas

  • Fair Campaigning During Guild Elections: Strike Action
  • Retrofit Lecture Theatres with Sockets at Every Seat
  • Support UCU Strikes (This idea was rejected because this duplicates our already active policy as per our recent statement on this)

Withdrawn Ideas

  • Policy Proposal of The University of Birmingham – Support Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom, Democracy and Condemn Police Brutality - which was withdrawn to allow for further consultation with the individual who proposed this idea.

Ideas Going for Online Vote (due to not reaching a unanimous decision)

  • Create a New Class of Associate Student Groups
  • The University of Birmingham, Guild of Students should remove the role of the Guild President replacing the role with a Union Development Officer
  • Bicycle Lane of the Ring Road and Edgbaston Park Road at University of Birmingham
  • Support the NSS and Other Student Surveys
  • Enable the University Timetable to Sync with Google Calendar, So It Can Be More Easily Accessible On Phones
  • Fair Pay for Security Staff

Full minutes for the meeting will be available online by the end of next week.

Voting for this Cycle will open next Monday 16th March at 10am.


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