Get involved in the biggest democratic student event in the world!

Each year the Guild sends 21 elected student delegates to 9 different NUS conferences around the UK to make sure the voices of University of Birmingham students are heard on a national level. More than 1000 delegates from all around the UK attend NUS national conference each year, making it the biggest democratic student event in the world!

The main function of NUS Conferences is to debate and pass new policy for Students' Unions around the UK. As a member of NUS, the Guild sends motions to conferences which will then be debated and, if passed, will have the potential to influence the whole student movement. From Brexit to student welfare, to tuition fees and maintenance grants, NUS motions can deal with a huge range of topics and seek to improve the lives of students.

Do you want to play a part in shaping the debate? You can help to steer the conversation on the big issues and direct how NUS’ considerable budgets will be spent by submitted your own motions.

This year, motions to Black Students' Conference must be submitted by 12am on the 9th January and motions to all other conferences, including NUS National Conference, must be submitted by 12am on Monday 21st January. All Motions can be submitted to

If you are interested in writing a motion, email for more info, or attend one of the following sessions to find out how to get started:

  • Monday 14th January, 5:30pm-6:30pm – Tolkien Room
  • Tuesday 15th January, 2pm-3pm – Harvey Milk Room
  • Friday 18th January, 10am-11am – Harvey Milk

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