Go Green Week 2018

What could you do to help save the planet? Over the past 100 years human activity has had a hugely detrimental impact on the world around us. It is time we made a change.

Go Green Week is a national week of action to help raise awareness of environmental issues and promote more sustainable lifestyles. At the Guild we'll be doing our bit by hosting a whole bunch of fun activities, inspirational events and more in support of the campaign. See the full timetable of events below:

5th February 2018 – Fossil Free

6th February 2018 – Ethical Living

7th February 2018 – Climate Change

8th February 2018 – Transport

9th February 2018– Recycling and Waste

12th February 2018

           (organised by UoB Environmental Society)


There is still time to get involved in Go Green Week! If you are a society/ individual student have ideas of projects or events you’d want to do then we can help. We can help you get funding and organise your event.

For more information please contact campaigns@guild.bham.ac.uk



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