Guest Blog: Are you a Black student?

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I am Le’Shaé Woodstock and on behalf of Student Voice in The Guild of Students, I will be carrying out research on the experience of Black students at the University of Birmingham.

Recent findings from the National Student Satisfaction Survey have shown that Black University of Birmingham students do not engage with Guild services and events as much as other students. This includes events such as Sports Night and Fab n’ Fresh along with services such as Guild Advice and Jobs, Skills and Volunteering.

The Guild would like to find out, in more detail, the issues Black students are having with these areas, in order to improve them. We will be holding 5 Focus Groups around the University throughout January and we want to hear from you!

These focus groups are targeted at Black British students who identify as ethnically Black, however, we will also be holding focus groups specifically for Black International students, who also identify as ethnically Black. When emailing please specify whether you are a Black British student or Black International student.

So why get involved? (Other than the £10 Amazon voucher and Afro-Caribbean refreshments!) You get a chance to have your voice heard and make a real change. Recommendations for the Guild and how it can improve its appeal to Black students will be presented to staff and published in a report.

Remember, even if these changes do not happen immediately, they will come into effect for future Black students who attend UoB. It would be fantastic to help upcoming Black students have a better experience at university and subsequently, achieve their full potential in their education. Your ideas and visions are important to us but in order to make a change, you have to get involved. So, come along to a focus group and make your voice heard.

If you would like to attend, then please email to register your interest.

“Vision without action is merely daydreaming but vision with action can change more than you imagine” – Nelson Mandela


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