Guild Awards 2019 Winners

We are very pleased to announce that your Guild Awards 2019 winners are:


Outstanding Individual Contribution: Sam Davies


Ian King Award for Outstanding Society: Yoga Society

Highly Commended: Catholic Society


Outstanding Student Community Impact:  Community Challenge


Outstanding Student Rep: Zara Fahim

Highly Commended: Claire Bustin & Madlen Sobkowiak


Outstanding Volunteering Group: Marrow

Highly Commended: Carnival RAG


Outstanding Association: LGBTQ


Outstanding New Group: Mental Health and Well-being

Highly Commended:KCover


Outstanding Engagement: BEAT

Highly Commended: BEMA


Outstanding Activity: Birmingham Footlights Society: Her-Larity


Outstanding Student Staff: Aimee Morse


We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to the fantastic performers – BALADS, Score, GMTG, Hip Hop Society, Dance Club Latino, Abracapella and BUDS – as well as comperes, Tom and Jamie, for helping to make Guild Awards 2019 an unforgettable night!


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