Guild Officer Elections... the Results!

We're incredibly excited to confirm that your Guild Officer Team 2018/19 is...

President: Reece's Pieces (Reece Patrick Roberts)
Welfare and Community Officer: Izzy 'Bizzy Bee' Bygrave
Education Officer: Adam ‘Go For Gold’ Goldstone
Activities and Employability Officer: ‘Robyn’ Your Vote
Sports Officer: 'Simon Says' Price
Postgraduate Students' Officer: Jessica Small
International Officer: Old JoJo


Anti Racism; Anti Fascism Officer: Janiece Jackson

Commuter Students Officer: Jules Singh

Disabled Students' Officer: Shamima Akhtar and Jay Martin

Ethnic Minority Students' Officer: Damilola Oyeleke

LGBTQ Students' Officer: Josie Hyde and Jess Rutland

Mature Students’ Officer: Lauren Kennedy

Trans Students’ Officer: Finn Humphris
Women's Officer: Holly and Alif

Click here for a full results breakdown. Please note all results are provisional until the election is formally concluded by the returning officer. 


(not all pictured...)

Congratulations to everyone elected, and thank you to all who voted this year. A massive well done and thank you to Guild TV, Redbrick and Burn FM for their slick Elections Results coverage, as well.

The new team won’t be starting their roles until the summer, so until then this year’s Full and Part Time Officers will still be here to help you out. You can get in touch with them here.


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