How to find your OFFICIAL FRESHERS FEST Tickets

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Will you be joining us for your welcome events and parties this September? We can't wait to welcome you all and introduce you to the best of Birmingham's nightlife.

However, there are lots of unofficial 'Freshers' events and Facebook Groups out there, trying to encourage University of Birmingham students to buy tickets to their club nights. These events likely won't be very popular and will be attended by non-University of Birmingham students. We want you to be safe and surrounded by your University of Birmingham family, so would encourage you to only buy our OFFICIAL Freshers Fest Ticket from the Guild of Students website. This way you'll know you're attending the biggest, best and safest Freshers Fest events!

Here are a few top tips to make sure you're getting the real deal:

1. You can't go wrong by heading straight to the Guild website to get your Freshers Fest tickets. Be sure to check out your Freshers and Welcome Week events here:

2. If you're not sure where to find our OFFICIAL Freshers Facebook Group - first head to our Guild of Students Facebook Page, then check out our groups list, and look for 'Univerisity of Birmingham Official Freshers 2019/20'.

 3. You'll know you're in the right place if you see this branding...











This is our OFFICIAL Freshers Fest logo - if you see this, you know it's us.

4. Freshers Fest tickets are super popular and we can see just how excited you all are - so make sure you get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.


Here's your Welfare & Community Officer Millie's advice on finding our official Freshers Fest tickets!



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