Choosing the perfect Committee Role for you

As you may have heard, Autumn Elections is NOW LIVE, and we’re accepting applications for a range of roles. Today we want to hone in on our decision-making committee roles, and which ones you may be the perfect candidate for!

Our committees explained

Essentially, we have four main decision-making committees, which oversee and (you guessed it) make decisions about various areas of University life. We want as much student representation on these committees as possible, as let’s face it, you can provide the best insight into these issues and the impact on life and help us to improve the student experience!

You may have heard of some of our committees, but what do they actually do and who would be the ideal candidate. Keep reading to find out…


Image of a person, above it reads Welfare and Liberation CommitteeWelfare and Liberation Committee

What it does: Makes decisions on issues relating to welfare, equality, diversity and liberation. Also supports with activities for history month campaigns.

Perfect for: Anyone passionate about mental health, liberation and student safety. This will also provide behind the scenes knowledge of budgeting and activity planning for liberation campaigns.



Image of a person with a mega phone, above it reads 'Campaigns Committee'Campaigns Committee

Responsible for: Oversees the Guild’s campaigns, from activities to funding!

Perfect for: Anyone passionate about student issues. This will be a great chance to learn many skills like budgeting and creative thinking



Image of a person, above it reads 'Activities Committee'Activities Committee

What it does: Makes decisions on student group, sports and volunteering ideas, policies and grants.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to learn more about the inner-workings of societies and sports clubs. You don’t have to be in a group or club to apply!



Image of a person wearing a mortarboard, above it reads 'Education Committee'Education Committee

What it does: Discusses and makes decisions on academic issues and developments. Also oversees the Student Rep fund.

Perfect for: anyone who wants to improve and look out for students’ academic interests. You know what can be improved and can work to achieve it.



Image of a person holding the world, above it reads Ethical and Envrionmental Committee.

Ethical and Environmental Committee

Alongside our decision-making committees, we’re also looking for someone to join our Ethical and Environmental Committee.

What it does: Oversees the Guild’s response to environmental issues i.e. sustainability, recycling, and reducing emissions. Also looks after relevant campaigns and relationships with the University.

Perfect for: Anyone who is passionate about the environment and wants to drive change within the Guild and the University.


So as you can see, there are lots of fantastic positions available. All you need to do is think about what you want to achieve and what experience you want to gain, and match this up to the available roles. Make sure you apply by Wednesday at 4pm.


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