Latest Action Plan for Black Voices Working Groups

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Read on for the latest Action Plan for Term 2, from the Black Voices Working Groups:

Support Working Group

Date updated: 28/01/2021


Review the councillors’ profiles of the wellbeing team:

Requested for the councillors profiles to review the diversity of the team and ensure the diversity of the team. Wellbeing tutor in each college's profiles are now published on the intranet.


Data Analysis: Still waiting for the data from Well-being Services, which reassured that it will be available soon.

Culturally Competent Support: Organised meetings to review and discuss the cultural-sensitive approaches in counselling delivered by the Well-being Team.

Work with University EDI Team to develop EDI training course.


Review the diversity and the support approaches by the Student Mentor Team to ensure the student staff team are culturally competent: We will review the training given to the Mentors.

Link up the Student Mentor Team with the University EDI Team: Suggest the collaboration on the development of EDI training course for the new modules delivery. 


Guild Working Group

Date updated: 28/01/2021

Area within Guild  



Progress/ Updates


Student groups

Decolonise student group activity

Masterclass with Rebecca        

Plans to run masterclass in second semester           


Student groups

Incentivise inclusivity roles and inclusive activity 

Recognition badge surrounding EDI & inclusivity guild award 

Need to get input on badges at super AGM in second semester           


Student groups

Introduce E&D training           

Signpost groups to Sammy Li's training to see if it is accessible to all students

Need to chase up Sammy Li about his canvas training


Student groups

Introduce inclusivity training Work with IO and EMO (and students?) to deliver inclusivity training and advertise committee roles   

Start discussions with IO and EMO to start to piece together training


Student groups

Get feedback from cultural groups & students to diversify the guild and its activities     

Meet with cultural groups and students in focus groups to discuss this

Cultural groups aren't active so difficult to do              



Ensure a range of themed events get put on and put on successfully          

Discuss with Adam and (when we get one) the new venues manager

COVID- no venues manager & no commercial activity 



Encourage the guild to publish any pay gaps and report on our diversity and include plans to improve/ what is being done 

Speak with CEO and HR

Need to discuss with CEO & HR           



Acknowledging the lack of diversity is key and owning up to mistakes           

Fits nicely with above



Ensuring we are inclusive in our areas such as running to be an officer and running to be part of student group or students staff    



Speak with voice on ensuring elections are seen to be inclusive and accessible. Do the same with HR and student staff hiring

Talk with voice and HR           



Education Working Group

Date updated: 28/01/2021

Decolonizing the Curriculum



  1. Meet with Library Services and request a feature to search for authors/texts by location on FinditBham so both academics/students can more easily include non-western literature in their teaching/learning
  2. Encourage the University to review school education plans on decolonizing the curriculum progress and how module leads project diversifying reading lists
  3. Ask the University to include a question on how included and represented students feel on their modules on the next student evaluation of teaching survey


Student Voice


  1. Allocate a portion of the rep fund/other funding for events aimed at Black students
  2. Empower student leaders and reps to survey the experience of black students on a departmental micro-level
  3. Encourage Colleges to hold student reference groups/forums on departmental levels to listen to Black students’ voices and improve their experience.


Access and Participation


  1. Review the Access and Participation plan with qualitative feedback from Black students at the epicentre and report findings back to the University and Office for Students


Employability and post-Birmingham


  1. A review of Careers Network and the signposting of resources for Black students
  2. Encourage the University to increase the amount of Black guest speakers on a departmental level
  3. Create tailored support for Black students on the Guild’s Employability Hub










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