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Who are the Hall Reps?

The Hall Reps are a team of friendly student staff who work hard to ensure that all students living in accommodation make the most of University life. Each hall has its own dedicated Rep, who organises a variety of activities and events for you during your time in halls. They are also there for you as you settle into your new home; looking out for your academic interests by making sure you have the best experience whilst living in accommodation. 

Meet Your Hall Reps
















Hear what our current Reps have to say about their roles and the important part they play in supporting you during your academic journey at university:

‘I believe as a Hall Rep, we have the unique opportunity to bring people from all over the world together. This is an amazing privilege for everyone as it allows us all to experience and learn new things. Personally, this is one of the most rewarding feelings!’ 

- Temur Turan, Chamberlain and Aitken Hall Rep


‘I’ve loved the role of being a Hall Rep due to the variety of work and huge level of autonomy we experience when organising our events. Whether that’s arranging the budgets, coordinating with suppliers or running and promoting the event; we are allowed such creativity in the role, all supported by the rest of the student groups team.

Our feedback suggests that students feel the Hall Reps' events really make halls feel more like a community. And this is obvious to us when we run the events; it’s so rewarding to see students who you met at your first events of the year attending your final events together as close friends. Additionally, due to the flexible nature of the role, events are organised specifically to match what the students ask for; so there’s almost always something for everyone!’

- Rebecca, Jarratt Hall Rep


‘Hi, I'm Naureena and I represent the Metalworks! I have loved being a Hall Rep because the job has been really fun! I have been able to organise events ensuring that students living in accommodation have a great experience. I have worked alongside a bunch of great people, and the flexibility of the job in terms of hours really suits my needs as I have been able to fit work around my studies. The role has taught me that students love free food! I have organised free crepes, free hot chocolate and free pizza parties which have been great successes!’

- Naureena, Metalworks Hall Rep


‘I am Ed the Hall Rep for Liberty Gardens. Liberty Gardens is a small but vibrant accommodation located close to the centre of Birmingham.

I have enjoyed the role as I got to work with a great team of Hall Reps in the office and got to run events, as well as having a lot of interaction with the first year students too! Being able to run events for the students at discounted rates so they can enjoy new parts of Birmingham is a nice feeling. Even nicer when you get to join in too and learn a little bit about their university adventure and how it is different to yours.

One of the nicest feelings is being at the gates handing out free pizza, hot chocolate or cake, and watching the residents’ faces light up after a long, tiring day at uni.’

- Ed, Liberty Gardens Hall Rep


‘Being a Hall Rep is definitely the most fun job you can have while at uni! This year has been an incredible experience; being able to run a variety of events to help make students’ halls experience something special. Not only is it great fun, but also extremely useful when looking for grad jobs, giving you an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd.’

- Kris, Liberty Park Hall Rep


Each hall has its own Facebook Page - click here to find yours.

You can also contact your Hall Reps at:

Tel: 0121 415 8949



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