Mentor Georgia on Managing Post First-Year Blues

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As most students are about to finish their exams soon (whoop whoop!), it is important to discuss what is on the other side…

Image which says 'Mentor Georgia on managing post first-year blues'Many students may feel sad after moving out of their first-year accommodation. This feeling might be associated with saying goodbye to living with friends in halls, being surrounded by people 24/7, finishing your first year modules, or even saying goodbye to your student mentors ;)

Finishing your first year at university is a HUGE accomplishment. Perhaps you have moved far away from your home town or even across the world to study at this university. It is no wonder that some of us might feel slightly down when we settle back into our post-uni environment.

It is SO normal to feel this way, so know that you are not alone. If this is you, here are some things you can do to help combat these feelings:

  1. Keep busy: fill your time with things you enjoy, but remember not to overload yourself and make time for you too
  2. Move your body: whether it is a walk, run or dance to the kitchen for some snacks, make sure to keep your body active
  3. Make plans: try not to isolate yourself and surround yourself with supportive friends, family and loved ones
  4. Check in: if you are struggling, perhaps your friends are too! Check-in with them and organise a meet up
  5. Talk it out: talking to your friends and family is free, talk out your emotions as much as you feel comfortable
  6. Reach out: there are organisations which can help if you are struggling

Organisations which can help over summer if you need them:

  1. Young Minds: free 24 hour crisis messenger service
  2. The Mix: non-judgmental support for under 25’s
  3. Mind: advice or support on a range of mental health topics

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