Officer Elections: Are we running out of study space?

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We asked your candidates for Education Officer if we're running out of study space at Birmingham... Here's what they said:

Muhammad Abd-us-samad

Sometimes. Although for some students who need special software or equipment, study spaces can be lacking a lot of the time. There is plenty of study space available, however many students come to the library to study, whilst many other study spaces are nearly empty. This means that study-spaces are lacking for students who don’t know where study spaces are. One solution to this is to make all empty teaching rooms (except locked rooms) study spaces. Students can check rooms on web timetables to see when they are set to be occupied.

Read Muhammad's manifesto to find out more.

Amanda 'Sefton's On It'

I do believe we have enough study spaces, however I don’t think that the spaces are being promoted enough or being utilised enough. There are always empty classrooms that students are unaware of and if elected the key to solving the study space issue also includes better utilisation and promotion of current spaces.

Read Amanda's manifesto to find out more.

Now you know what they stand for, here's what you can do: vote for the change you want to see on campus!

Voting closes 4pm on Friday 1st March.


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